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2,074 pages of healthcare reform: demand simpler communication ‘How is definitely it we are able to run the united states with a 16-web page Constitution yet it requires 2,074 webpages and a lot more than 400,000 words of gobbledygook to present the Senate Health Care Costs?’ asks Alan Siegel, among the founders of the Basic Simplification and English movements and Chairman and CEO of brand consultancy Siegel+Gale. ‘The country’s legislators have lost touch with the energy of basic expression. The American people are entitled to clear, accessible communications to make educated decisions,’ continues Mr. Siegel. ‘As Thomas Jefferson stated: ‘When the topic is strong, simplicity is the only way to treat it.”.Symptoms usually start within 18 to 36 hours after consuming contaminated food, but may appear up to 10 days later. Health officials were urging anyone who attended the function and experienced symptoms to seek immediate medical attention. The Fairfield County health department is wanting and investigating to determine how many people attended the church event, department spokeswoman Jennifer Valentine said Tuesday. The news headlines comes as officials in the southwest, along with Blue Bell Creameries are trying to find the reason for a listeria outbreak that has killed three people and sickened seven others..