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Indeed the available biochemical methods fail to recognize many micro-organisms involved in bone and joint infections. The setup of the ISMABIOs regional network for the treatment and surveillance of bone and joint infection, jointly funded by the Region Ile de France through the DIM Malinf AP-HP and program, the hospital of Versailles and a healthcare facility Croix Saint Simon will use MALDI-TOF based bacterial identification to achieve rapid and exact microbial identification in this demanding task. Bruker’s MALDI Biotyper was selected as an obvious choice because it is the only platform with CE-IVD marking and the only system currently validated for clinical use in Europe. Furthermore, the instrument could be linked to the laboratory details system for described IVD applications, as well as be used as an open, study oriented, development system.The Health IT Plan Committee’s quality actions workgroup can be drawing up tips for new measures that may make use of the evolving health IT infrastructure’ . It is getting proved by The trick, regarding to a RAND Corp survey. .’ The study ‘found most believe home healthcare technology has the potential to relieve pressure on health care systems that will soon end up being clogged by elderly individuals coping with chronic diseases. But the evidence is still not strong enough showing the products are cost-effective and ready for widespread adoption’ .