2012 & health care: Medicare faces big changes.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Doomsday Forecasts Aside, Changes TO ARRIVE 2012 A 20-20 party split in the Virginia Senate, with the tie-breaking vote cast by Lt. Gov. Bolling, a Republican, makes it likely that numerous pieces of legislation previously killed by the Senate Democratic majority will now sail comfortably through the General Assembly and land on the desk of Gov. Bob McDonnell. Already, women’s-privileges advocates predict that new rules regulating abortion treatment centers like hospitals, recently signed by McDonnell, will lead to the closing of a few of the state’s 21 first-trimester abortion clinics . The Tennessean: Health Care Faces A Year Of Uncertainty [L]egislators in Tennessee have been mulling over whether the condition should create its own health insurance exchange.Lahn cannot clarify the system of his results and expects many will query this novel selecting. It’s too radical, he stated. People simply don’t want to trust it, however the data is there. Lahn and his associates have found a most impressive result, one that is totally unexpected, stated geneticist James Crow, professor emeritus of genetics and zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. If this result is definitely confirmed it would cast doubt on usage of this ratio [Ka/Ks] as an indicator of selection.