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One in five parents mistakenly believes that air-filled water wings can protect their child from drowning. It is estimated that 85 % of boat-related drownings could possibly be prevented if all passengers were wearing properly fitting lifestyle vests. Education Nearly three-quarters of drowning victims studied did not understand how to swim. Seventy-three % of victims age range five to nine and 30 % of victims ages 10 to 14 had been nonswimmers. Although the majority of parents agree that all children must have swimming instruction by the age of eight, 37 % of parents report that their child has never taken lessons.Treatment was discontinued at 24 weeks or because of disease progression, patient or clinician choice, or unacceptable toxic results. Biliary obstruction by itself was not considered to be disease progression in the absence of radiologically verified disease progression, and treatment could possibly be recommenced after further biliary stenting and normalization of liver function. Assessments Patients were seen at the start of every cycle for a physical exam, monitoring of symptoms and toxic effects, evaluation of renal function, and a complete blood count.