AACN awards $50.

Priority projects address gaps in scientific research at the business or program level and translation of the results to bedside clinicians. Projects include use of technology to assess individuals and manage outcomes; ways to create a healing and humane environment; and procedures and systems to optimize high acuity and important care nursing. This year, AACN awarded two Impact Research Grants, that will increase to three in 2013.Hence, our study shows the actual effect of the greater dissemination of public-access AEDs throughout Japan. Our study demonstrates the reduction in time and energy to the administration of a first shock that resulted from the nationwide dissemination of public-access AEDs increased the rate of survival after an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.1,5-12 Even the Public Gain access to Defibrillation trial , which was a big, community-based intervention trial involving 19,000 volunteers,5 did not show whether the nationwide dissemination of public-access AEDs would in fact increase the rate of survival after cardiac arrests, because an intervention trial itself is a particular situation.