Abnormal antibodies in 68 per cent of smokers and former smokers with COPD.

The Pitt researchers tracked immune system antibodies in 55 smokers or former smokers compared with 21 healthy people who had never smoked. Abnormal antibodies in 68 per cent of smokers and former smokers with COPD, but that only 13 per cent of ex-smokers without COPD , and had never smoked had never smoked found. – ‘COPD is responsible for 120,000 deaths per year,’said Frank C. Sciurba, a study co – senior author, Research Center,ssor of Medicine and Director of the Pittsburgh Emphysema Research Center. ‘Learned Available treatments, including inhaled bronchodilators, have little effect on disease progression. New information may help us to develop better treatments and perhaps even halt disease progression. ‘.

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