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‘Our findings support the idea that vitamin D may have a significant effect on psychiatric health. More research is needed to regulate how the growing issue of vitamin D deficiency may be affecting our health and wellness.’ How many folks are at risk?Because vitamin D deficiency is so widespread, the new study suggests that vast segments of the U.S. Population may be making themselves more susceptible to schizophrenia by not finding enough sunlight.Approximately six million U.S. Adults have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation , a condition characterized by a irregular and quick heart beat that may cause serious complications, including stroke, palpitations, fainting and early death. AFib analysis has increased in the last two decades and the condition now makes up about one-quarter of most strokes in the elderly. ‘This new device has the potential to create AFib ablation more reliable, more reproducible, and more consistent for individuals with paroxysmal [intermittent] atrial fibrillation,’ stated Dr.