According to a written report released today by the Joint US Programme on HIV/AIDS.

The problem is a lot more alarming in sub-Saharan Africa, where women make up 57 percent of those coping with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Young African women aged 15-24 are three times more likely to become infected than their man counterparts. Without AIDS strategies that specifically concentrate on women, there can be no global progress in fighting the condition. Women know significantly less than men about how to avoid an infection and what they can say for certain is often rendered useless by the discrimination and violence they encounter, according to the survey.Retrospective studies in the United Kingdom found poorer outcomes among children subjected to valproate in utero as compared with children who were unexposed and with those exposed to other antiepileptic-drug monotherapies.5,25 These poor outcomes for valproate included increased developmental delays in a cohort younger than 6 years of age, increased special-education desires in a cohort 5 to 18 years, and reduced verbal IQ in a cohort 6 to 16 years of age, as compared with unexposed children , children subjected to carbamazepine , and children subjected to phenytoin . A prospective Finnish study reported a reduction in verbal IQ among children exposed to valproate in comparison with unexposed controls and with kids subjected to carbamazepine .26 This prospective study was limited by a little sample of subjects exposed to valproate monotherapy and insufficient information on maternal IQ.26 Several studies also have shown that valproate is normally connected with an increased risk of congenital malformations24,27-32; this association is normally dose-dependent.24-26,28,30 A recently available meta-analysis indicated that of varied antiepileptic drug monotherapies, valproate was linked to the highest incidence of malformations .33 The results of several studies showing an increased incidence of anatomical or behavioral teratogenesis in kids exposed to valproate in comparison with other antiepileptic medicines raise severe concern that valproate poses a specific risk to the unborn kid.