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‘Stem cells from the patient should be harvested in order to limit the risks of both rejection and side effects,’says Dr. ‘While this cellular therapy does not prevent Alzheimer’s, by curbing plaque development, we believe that it will help patients to prolong cognitive skills cognitive abilities. We believe that to capture this new and powerful weapon in the fight for Alzheimer’s. ‘ ‘The discovery by Dr. Rivest and his team is an important step towards a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, ‘said Dr.

For Serge Rivest and his team are microglia not part of the problem, team whose These researchers have observed, even though the brain resident microglia seem to be fitted not bad for combating amyloid plaques, an entirely different case for a different kind of microglia reigns: the stem cells from the bone marrow.‘. Sure that sure say heavy consumption during adolescence is a real danger character, regardless of what the causative mechanisms have, ‘added McGue. ‘drinking alcohol use in adolescence an indication that instruments enabling preventive intervention being is justified ‘.