According to the Times.

According to the Times, the Democrats and Republicans in the committee proposed efforts to a portion of the reform bill that would create a public health insurance option to eliminate the AP / Yahoo! News reports. The Energy and Commerce Committee, the last of three House committees to act on health care reform legislation. The Energy and Commerce Committee is expected to complete its work on Friday.

The Senate the House of the House of progress in the reform legislation as bipartisan negotiators on the Senate Finance Committee Thursday said they need more time (to verify an agreement for the committee Werner, AP / Yahoo News, produce 7/31! the Finance Committee negotiations between three Democrats and three Republicans, including the Chairman of the Committee and ranking GOP member is ongoing, as it on a bipartisan bill that at least 60 votes in the Senate, CQ Today reports (Jansen / Epstein try to gain agreement, CQ Today.‘We still making a lot of convincing but I believe which that people will start that it one important mechanism for producing the free radicals who play such an important role at diabetic complications, seems to ‘say says, ‘Hopefully this will more more successful in the efforts to facilitating of these complications. ‘. Contact: Michael C.

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