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Within its disaster procedures, Aetna will monitor the effect on its network doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. The business will continue to work closely with suppliers to make further modifications to its guidelines as necessary to ensure members get access to care. If any extra local, state or federal disaster executive orders or regulations are issued related to these catastrophic events, Aetna shall adjusts its guidelines to comply. Within storm or evacuation preparations, Aetna urges its people to ensure Personal Health Records are up to date for all family.‘Such a timetable also prompts skepticism about if the advisory committee is only a foil for decisions that have currently been made. I understand some of the individuals on that committee and I believe the 16 committee members can make their very own decisions, but it is unclear what impact their recommendations and report could have on Government decisions.’ Dr. Grisdale concluded by saying he does not believe Alberta Health Providers and Alberta Health and Wellness have any mal-intent with the changes they may envision in weeks and years to come. ‘Nevertheless,’ he stated,’ for modification to be successful it is essential to create an environment where all stakeholders can buy in and embrace the modification, and that means engaging not only physicians truly, but also other healthcare providers and patients, and not just a few random people selected by Government.’..