AFGE: Proposed cost saving strategy may diminish both gain access to.

AFGE: Proposed cost saving strategy may diminish both gain access to, quality of healthcare for veterans Wednesday On, March 2, the American Federation of Government Employees provided testimony prior to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee on the proposed budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs for Fiscal Season 2012. Maryann Hooker, Secretary of AFGE Regional 42, who works as the lead neurologist at the Wilmington VA Medical Center. Hooker centered on the VA’s proposal to attain costs savings through personnel and resource realignment. Hooker often cautioned that as well, ‘new VA healthcare initiatives are applied without proper oversight or advance planning, resulting in reduced access and quality of treatment.AADSM event to go over newest advances in sleep-disordered breathing research Nearly 800 dental sleep medicine professionals from all over the world will gather at the 20th Anniversary Meeting of the American Academy of Oral Sleep Medicine , which will take place Saturday, 11 June, 2011, at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minn. The meeting will end up being held together with SLEEP 2011, the 25th Anniversary Interacting with of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. The AADSM 20th Anniversary Meeting may be the premier event for dental care sleep medicine professionals to provide and discuss the latest research and clinical advancements in sleep-disordered breathing, which has been connected to health problems such as for example depression, obesity, diabetes, high blood circulation pressure and stroke.