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After Yaghmai, the system also helps centers market new imaging services and capabilities, referring to access the system through the imaging center or hospital Web site or a separate portal, he said medication for ed dysfunction . This process provides the opportunity imaging technologies imaging technologies, such as adding a new MRI machine emphasized. .

The scientists studied 400 fertilized eggs from women with very poor reproductive history and with an average age of 42 years who to to IVF to maintain a to maintain a pregnancy or were created. They found that more than half of all eggs produced by these women had chromosomal abnormalities, and therefore the resulting embryos were chromosomally abnormal. Some of the women had a tendency to eggs that were extremely abnormal and carried out a number of chromosomes to produce errors. The resulting poor reproductive history of these women, the scientists say. – But where are we to fertilized eggs free of chromosomal abnormalities, the resulting embryos were also normal and their transfer to the mother led to pregnancies, said Dr. Fragouli. The results suggest that the use of this technique will improve IVF success rates for poor prognosis patients. It is also likely to achieve a reduction in congenital abnormalities such as Down syndrome, as well as a reduction in the incidence of spontaneous abortion. .

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