Agilent Systems launches AssayMAP Bravo for proteins purification Agilent Technologies Inc.

‘The AssayMAP Bravo and cartridges for protein purification are ideal for those in biologics discovery and development who need streamlined, precise purification of their protein of curiosity.’ The Bravo for Proteins Purification uses disposable, 5-microliter packed-bed AssayMAP cartridges in a 96-channel microplate format, which decreases the quantity of starting sample utilized and speeds time to results. Target proteins could be purified from a number of common resources, including: cell lifestyle supernatants cell tradition lysates hybridoma cultures proteins expression systems The AssayMAP Bravo for Protein Purification is a completely supported system, with software and hardware as well as the cartridges used in the gear available directly from Agilent..A new study suggests that a storytelling approach-in which recognizable associates of a community offer positive messages aimed at controlling hypertension through diet and medication adherence-may offer a unique opportunity to communicate positive disease management choices in a culturally suitable context. Experts at UMass Medical School, working with colleagues at Cooper Green Mercy Medical center and the University of Alabama at Birmingham have identified one promising approach. They identified exceptionally eloquent and persuasive individuals with hypertension from concentrate groups where blood circulation pressure control and the benefits of intervention were discussed; these volunteers were videotaped after that, and edited DVDs, distilled from 80 hours of taping, were produced.