Alere reports net revenue of $753.

Subsidiary located in Spain and a $0.04 million adjustment to the bargain purchase gain in connection with our acquisition of the Liberty business.9 million of revenue associated with acquired software license contracts that aren’t recognized due to business combination accounting rules and include amortization of $83.1 million, $3.3 million of restructuring charges, $3.6 million of stock-based compensation expense, $0.8 million of acquisition-related costs recorded in accordance with ASC 805, Business Combos, and $1.3 million of interest expense associated with fees paid for modification of certain debt agreements, offset by $15.1 million of income recorded for fair value changes to acquisition-related contingent consideration obligations.‘Regarding to UNAIDS, since 2001, HIV prevalence in the [Eastern European countries and Central Asia] region has risen by 66 percent to include 1.5 million people.’ Related StoriesNew computer model predicts degrees of HIV treatment engagementBrown University researchers describe new method to test HIV mutationsGenvoya approved as complete program for HIV treatmentHowever, four years after Romania joined europe ‘nearly, the World Bank no longer classifies Romania as a developing country, making it ineligible for a number of international grants’ – the major funding source for the HIV prevention programs managed by the NGOs in Romania.