Alligator blood extract claims to greatly help fight superbugs Biochemists from Louisiana in the U.

The experts believe this is an evolutionary adaptation to market quick wound healing, as alligators are often harmed during fierce territorial battles. Along with co-workers from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, the researchers collected blood samples from American alligators after injecting them with a element to stimulate their immune systems. Then they isolated the disease-fighting white blood cells from which they extracted the energetic proteins. Tests carried out in the laboratory exposed that tiny amounts of these proteins extracts killed an array of bacterias, including MRSA , the deadly bacteria which are becoming increasingly problematic in the community beyond your hospital setting now.Unfortunately, most of the well-known brands generate inferior results, and that means you need to do your quest when choosing a quality water filter. To get results of different filters tested and their ability to remove toxic components, browse the first resource below. Alkaline water systemsAlkaline water systems have been heavily promoted in recent years, and although they do possess their benefits, there are some things you need to remember.