Allviant launches Social Press Philanthropy initiative Allviant.

All donations from the charity drive were delivered to the Boys & Women Clubs of Greater Scottsdale Thrift Shop, whose product sales proceeds support youth programs at the Golf club. Folks are busier than ever, and that means you need to make it easy for them to remain informed and get involved. We are honored to contribute our period and initiatives to the Boys & Women Clubs of Greater Scottsdale and we anticipate expanding their social mass media impact over summer and winter.?.. Allviant launches Social Press Philanthropy initiative Allviant, Inc. Today announced the launch of its Social Press Philanthropy initiative to aid local and national non-profits and communities to best leverage the energy of social media within their outreach to people, communities, partners and donors. BGCGS will leverage their new social media knowledge to extend their marketing communications to popular social media systems, driving increased response rates, volunteer donations and participation in a cost-effective way.Snyder, M.D.: Telomerase Inhibitor Imetelstat in Patients with Essential Thrombocythemia Necessary thrombocythemia, a myeloproliferative neoplasm, is a clonal disorder of a multipotent hematopoietic progenitor cell.1,2 The condition is associated with an elevated risk of thrombotic complications, hemorrhagic complications, or both, and can evolve into myelofibrosis or, in rare circumstances, can transform to acute leukemia.3 Common mutations connected with essential thrombocythemia are located in the Janus kinase 2 gene, the gene encoding the thrombopoietin receptor , and the calreticulin gene.4-8 Current standard therapies for high-risk patients with essential thrombocythemia induce nonspecific reductions in platelet counts but usually do not typically eliminate or alter the biologic characteristics of the condition.9-12 We have reported that telomerase activity in malignant cells obtained from sufferers with essential thrombocythemia and induced telomerase activity in cells isolated from healthy donors were inhibited by the telomerase inhibitor imetelstat.13 However, imetelstat inhibited spontaneous proliferation of megakaryocytic colonies acquired from patients with essential thrombocythemia but didn’t inhibit cytokine-induced megakaryocytic colonies from healthy donors.