ALung completes pilot study of Hemolung RAS in COPD patients ALung Technology.

The analysis was led by principal investigator Prof. Dr. Felix Herth of the Thoraxklinik and University Medical center, Heidelberg, Germany. In his display, Dr. Federspiel highlighted the improvement in respiratory position seen in these individuals with severe exacerbations in which the Hemolung RAS was used. Arterial pCO2 amounts were reduced typically by 28 percent within a day, leading to lessening dyspnea and improved clinical status. The device provided effective and steady CO2 removal on the purchase of 75 to 95 mL/min or up to approximately 50 percent of metabolic production.‘Our previous laboratory and animal research showed that opioid growth factor, called OGF, can slow down the proliferation of pancreatic malignancy cells markedly,’ stated Ian S. Zagon, professor of behavioral and neural sciences, Penn State College of Medicine. ‘Right now, in this first research of OGF in people, we’ve shown that administering it to supplement your body’s own supply isn’t toxic and may help individuals with this almost invariably fatal disease.’ The article titled, ‘Treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer with opioid growth element: Stage I,’ appeared in the March 2004 problem of the journal Anti-Tumor Drugs. Tumor of the pancreas, a gland in the abdomen that makes insulin and other hormones, may be the fourth leading cause of cancer death. Because pancreatic cancer is usually diagnosed after it offers spread to other areas of the body, as many as 98 % of individuals who are diagnosed with pancreatic tumor will die from it, and only 4 % shall live more than five years.