AMAG fourth quarter total revenues increase to $17.

2011 Goals AMAG expects to achieve the following in 2011: Grow Feraheme market share and increase company demand in non-dialysis sites of look after U.S. CKD sufferers; Complete enrollment in the business’s global registrational program for iron deficiency anemia by the finish of 2011; Get a decision by the end of 2011 on the Company’s marketing authorization software in the EU; and Respond to the Notice of noncompliance from Wellness Canada regarding the business’s regulatory application in Canada for CKD patients.. AMAG fourth quarter total revenues increase to $17.2 million AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.LeProust, Ph.D., Agilent director of Genomics Application Development, ‘and has continued this relationship to further define and enhance the performance of the already powerful capture technology. We believe that it will continue being an extremely useful research tool for discovery of mutations linked to heritable disease and cancer.’ The SureSelect Individual All Exon v2 package design covers: 99.01 % of individual exons described by the NCBI Consensus CDS Database from September 2009; 93.29 % of RefSeq genes; 95.from June 2010 07 % of RefSeq transcripts; and 90 % of miRNA in miRBase v14.