As a result diabetics have problems with high blood sugar levels extremely.

2) THE EYES: – When the arteries and cells of the eye become damaged this can result in a condition called diabetic retinopathy. Sufferers of diabetic retinopathy often encounter blurred eyesight and in the worst cases temporary blindness. Diabetes also boosts your threat of developing cataracts and glaucoma . 3) YOUR FEET: – Diabetes may also damage your nerves. If the nerves in your ft become damaged after that some feeling is often lost meaning that cuts and sores can very easily go unnoticed.AfroCentric's healthcare IT solutions subsidiary, Helios IT Solutions , and FICO now offer this fraud payment and administration integrity platform to all or any medical schemes in South Africa. Medical schemes may use this answer, deployed through Helios ITS' secure technological providing, to detect, review and investigate suspicious promises, providers and members, and deliver cost-effective quality treatment with integrity. ‘Health care fraud is increasing, accounting for between 10 and 20 % of gross healthcare claim obligations globally relating to KPMG,’ stated Paul Midlane, AfroCentric's general supervisor of Legal Governance and Risk Compliance.