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You may take help of a dermatologist to improve your appearance. Frequently happening or lingering rash – Dermatitis can affect anybody at any age group and may even affect any portion of the body. But if you get a rash from it that does not disappear completely or if it often occurs then chances are that you may have a chronic condition. An untreated rash results in pain & health issues often. A suspicious mole – If you see a mole that has been larger or has transformed its color & shape, it can be an early on indication of tumor then.While there’s a perception that people with schizophrenia have multiple personalities, that’s not the case. Schizophrenia causes symptoms such as paranoia and delusions, and bipolar patients with severe episodes of major depression or mania can possess psychotic symptoms, too. Powerful antipsychotic drugs such as Abilify and Risperdal are available to treat these mental illnesses. Nonetheless it can take quite a long time for doctors to pinpoint the right treatment, and side effects can be extremely difficult to experience.