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Pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty and agreed pay $ 1.5 billion, criminal and civil liability of the Company unlawfully promoting prescription drug Depakote to solve applications that are not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration . The resolution contains a fine and forfeiture of $ 700 million and civilian settlements with the federal government and the states in the amount of $ 800 million. Abbott was in Abingdon on 2nd In October convicted.. In May, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Deputy U.S.

Abbott also pay $ 1, Virginia MFCU investigative investigative costs as the lead detective in the case. Announced Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, state legislators today that he turn over a check to the General Fund of nearly $ 4 million, the Virginia portion of the proceeds of the civil recovery part of a settlement with a pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories on allegations of off-label – marketing its drug, Depakote satisfying. The money paid to the commonwealth for refunds under the Medicaid program to compensate for the drug.About United BioSource Corp. – Corporation United BioSource provides science-based solutions for the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device supporting. The company utilizes unique collection of research and strategic capabilities to demonstrate on item efficacy and safety of , manage and minimize the risk, document economic value, and reliable appropriate third-party apply payments to prescription medicines and other health equipment.

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