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Other researchers involved in the study were senior writer Dr. Glenn Flores, professor of pediatrics at UT Southwestern and director of the division of general pediatrics at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and also researchers from the Medical University of Wisconsin and the New York University School of Medication. Politico: 6 States Sign up for Suit Against Health Reform Six says are asking to become listed on the most high-profile legal challenge to the health care reform law, bringing the tally up to 26 claims .However, they discovered that the healthy participants with human brain amyloid deposits were connected with compromise of the connections between essential brain regions involved with learning and memory even though their memory functions weren’t markedly impaired. Similar disruptions in brain connections were within individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. ‘This elegant study illustrates that amyloid plaques are just an element of the disease procedure in Alzheimer’s disease, for the reason that there are many those who have the plaques however, not the disease.