But change should be planned with proper consultation and true feedback from physicians.

This is the message of outgoing Alberta Medical Association President Dr. Noel W. Grisdale. In his valedictory address this morning, Dr. Grisdale said: We are all alert to the revenue and budget challenges facing the federal government. As a total result, any decisions on healthcare by Government and by Alberta Wellness Services naturally business lead many Albertans to trust that dollars are determining what is best for Alberta’s healthcare system, rather than evidence-based decisions on what is best for sufferers. The AMA and Alberta physicians understand the financial situation. But we do not understand why we have been excluded from decisions where our knowledge, our encounter and our efforts could have led to better decisions.Also though we realize that there can be grave implications for child obesity, about a third of all children in the United States are obese or over weight. The NEJM research followed over 7,700 children through grade college. Of those participants, 12 percent entered kindergarten as obese, with 21 percent obesity by 8th grade. Likewise, half of the children that entered grade school as overweight ended up becoming obese by enough time they truly became teenagers. These obese children were five situations much more likely to become obese in comparison to their normal-excess weight counterparts! The need for this study is that it demonstrates to researchers, pediatricians and parents that preventing weight problems should occur sooner than previously thought.