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In the oral-antipsychotic group, one patient died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and another from accidental drowning. Use of Services A larger proportion of patients receiving long-acting injectable risperidone were hospitalized during randomization plus they were hospitalized for even more days during the period before randomization . After randomization, there were no significant distinctions between groups with respect to VA service use or non-VA support use , including the amount of hospital days. Discussion This randomized, controlled trial showed that in high-risk patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, long-acting injectable risperidone had not been more advanced than oral antipsychotics with regards to the primary outcome of time to hospitalization, or multiple standard measures of symptoms, quality of life, unwanted effects, or service use.Developing Leadership Competencies To utilize healthcare firm leadership to foster possibilities for pharmacy practitioners to move into leadership roles; further, to encourage leaders to search out and mentor pharmacy practitioners in developing administrative, managerial, and leadership skills; further, to motivate pharmacy practitioners to obtain the skills necessary to pursue administrative, managerial, and leadership roles; further, to encourage colleges of pharmacy and ASHP condition affiliates to collaborate in fostering pupil leadership skills through development of co-curricular leadership opportunities, leadership conferences, and other leadership promotion programs; further, to reaffirm that residency programs should develop leadership skills through mentoring, training, and leadership possibilities; further, to foster leadership abilities for pharmacists to make use of every day in their roles as leaders in patient care.