Dr Tarrant commented: The government is setting up numerous polyclinics.

Dr Tarrant commented: The government is setting up numerous polyclinics, super – surgeries, and walk-in centers across the country, I am sure they will reduce several advantages for patients and doctors, but they are bound. Continuity of care, and our research shows that this may lead to a decline in patient trust, if the patient to lose confidence, then medical outcomes may be adversely affected . The judgments of patient of GPs ‘ interpersonal care, experience of cooperation and anticipation continuous care from the same GP all found to be independent predictors of confidence trust. The results underscore the importance of continuity in the GP-patient relationship.

Polyclinics and super – surgeries is likely trust and cooperation trust and cooperation beween patients and their doctors, UK – conducted research at of the University of Leicester by Carolyn Tarrant and Tim Stokes, the Department of Health Sciences, and Andrew Colman, of the School of Psychology, suggests that polyclinics and super – operations likely to undermine trust and cooperation between patients and their primary care physicians.

The research findings are in line with the predictions from behavioral game theory. Experiences from past cooperation and expectations of future cooperation – what game theorists call the shadow of the future – known to promote confidence in continuing relationships of other kinds..In response to comments for of the definitive system CMS even:.

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