Grassley Grassley Baucus Measure Should Medicaid benefits Approve Hurricane Survivors.

What else did he ‘(New York Times.. Grassley Grassley – Baucus Measure Should Medicaid benefits Approve Hurricane Survivors, Editorial SaysThe Bush administration has ‘spent nearly three weeks blocking a bipartisan effort for the medical care for the impoverished victims from Hurricane Katrina to pay,’a New York Times editorial. The Times noted that a bill on 16 Proposed September by the Senate Finance Committee Chair Chuck Grassley and ranking member Max Baucus Medicaid for five months would extend to low-income adults without children of Katrina-damaged areas; cutoff increasing income 25th for a two-person family $ or nearly twice the federal poverty level and have the federal government pay 100 percent of the corresponding Medicaid bills to require instead share share.

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