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About cobalaminAccess ‘ worldwide exclusive patented cobalamin technology utilizes the body’s natural vitamin B12 oral uptake by the oral absorption of pharmaceuticals by a ‘Trojan horse ‘mechanism to facilitate. This technology provides access platform with the capacity number of different number of different formulations with improved benefit applications for various diseases tadalafil generic . In addition to insulin, in the United States applied this technology to human growth hormone and resulted in a formulation, the proof of the effectiveness of more than 25 percent improvement in weight gain if she is given orally in an established animal model. Access continues to to move its insulin and HGH products into clinical development, while submitting additional patents surrounding both formulations.

Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Initiates Clinical Development Program for Oral Insulin ProductBoris Reznik, President and CEO of bioRASI commented, This program is a great fit for the capabilities of both bioRASI and our established partners Given the well understood clinical utility of insulin, establishing. The human oral bioavailability of Access ‘ product could be a huge step forward for both the oral insulin product and the broader cobalamin formulation technology platform. Promises After initial success in the oral insulin program, we look forward to expanding this collaboration to several other cobalamin-based products. .

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