In her dissertation on chemotherapy during pregnancy

Study of cancer during pregnancy: Pregnant Treatment with chemotherapy has no harmful effect on the fetusProfessor Frederic Amant of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven directs research into the treatment of cancer in pregnant women and the consequences of such treatment on fetal development . In her dissertation on chemotherapy during pregnancy, Kristel Van Calsteren presenting new scientific discoveries.

The Families USA report on the connection between rising unemployment and health insurance losses is based. Percent of respondents 65 to 61.9 % of those under the age of their health insurance through their own work or that of a family member. Job loss, therefore, usually means loss of health insurance because other options, such as COBRA and individual coverage, are usually expensive.

Hussman Institute Human Genomics researchers are application of application of next-generation sequencing of genes that are association with autistic in its genome-wide survey showed. Data from that batch are more focused and specific evidence of any entanglement genes responsible for autistic risk and type the scientists more information on how you gives such risk. By the combination of high throughput and accuracy SOLiD System has sequencing of With its extensive autism data volume and with the results of the genome-wide study in order to focus their search, the Hussman the Institute for Human Genomics Autism team of Create a new knowledge about autism genetic, a day for improvements to into the diagnosis and treatment the disorder.

As a part of their mission to assist collaborative research in the University of Miami, which Hussman Institute for Human Genomics buildings cutting edge genomic technologies and know-how. With the ever – with the ever – innovative field of, the Institut obtained next two generation sequence system from Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies. The two SOLiD System sequencing of platforms be be sequence regions of sequence regions of DNA of families and individuals with autism followed subsequently in the investigation of supplementary conditions of researchers in the University of Miami Miller School. Next-generation sequencing technology permits large-scale sequencing projects, such as Autism Project, both in terms of efficiency and economy. The genome-wide Stevenson, President and Chief Operating Officer of LifeTechnologies, ‘The application from advanced genomic analysis technologies on autism research demonstrated the ability to better understand genetic changes affect the development of the disease in one efficient, cost effective and accurate. ‘.