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IPMalls for more resources from HIV / AIDS HIV / AIDS, UK, Australia, Others Pledge More MoneyUK, Others Pledge financing help The United Kingdom marked World AIDS Day on Thursday with the announcement, 000 to the is combat disease. The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative receives $ 35 million, and the International Partnership for Microbicides to $ 13,000 will receive .

Focus on abstinence does not match an evidence-based approach to prevent the spread of the disease, the report said (AP / Jamaica Observer.. Critique Some HIV / AIDS advocates criticized the Bush administration is not doing Global Fund Global Fund to fill a funding gap of than $ 3 billion than $ 3 billion, the Miami Herald reports. The U.S. In 2004 contributed $ 459,000 pledged to the fund , and this year $ 414th which accounts for a third of the fund’s assets total financing. Released for World AIDS Day said that the U.S.The report also significant differences Used in the adverse event reporting amongst the urban hospital: 17 declared no heart takes unrelated to a cardiac procedure, while a clinic was search over 40, connect six hospitals reported two thrombus or an acute pulmonary emboli per 10,000 patient years discharges while two were greater than 60 per 10,000, a great the Academic Medical Center have reported 3.6 postoperative infection per 10,000 discharge and similar hospitals reporting 32 All per 10th J. Suburban and upstate hospitals had similar report Price with unexpected deaths which could be more difficult to to underreport for which Times.

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