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Bath A bubble or salt bath is a good way to relieve stress. One of the primary causes of hyperactivity in children is due to unresolved stress. They tend to build-up on the frustration and vent out their emotions through physical manifestations. A salt bath will help them to relieve the day’s stress and not provide a trigger to hyperactive activities. 3. Walk A walk is useful to burn off excess energy. Take your kid on a walk across the block. The synchronized strolling on the feet brings the brain back to focus and helps burn the excess energy of your son or daughter.Randomization was performed within the following four weeks. The screening period was shortened if scanning have been performed a few times in the last 24 weeks. Single scans were attained at all post-baseline visits. If a patient was withdrawn from the study for reasons other than loss of life or centrally assessed disease progression prematurely, further imaging lab tests were needed unless the prior test had taken place within the last four weeks. Disease progression was assessed centrally regarding to RECIST, version 1.0.