Lawyer Matthew Jenkins says the men.

40 men sue Chicago hospital because frozen sperm destroyed CHICAGO Northwestern Memorial Medical center in Chicago was sued Tuesday for undisclosed sums by 40 men because their frozen sperm samples were destroyed when a lab’s storage program failed. Tuesday in Make County Circuit Court The law firm of Corboy and Demetrio in Chicago filed 40 separate lawsuits ed treatment . Lawyer Matthew Jenkins says the men, who had illnesses or procedures that could influence their fertility, hoped to protect their chances for fathering biological children by keeping sperm samples.

Cocaine used in the previous 12 months rose from near 3 % in 2013 to slightly a lot more than 4 % in 2014. ‘We are being cautious in interpreting this one-year increase, which we usually do not see among students; but we do observe some increase in cocaine use in additional young adult age group bands, so there may in fact be an increase in cocaine use starting to occur,’ Johnston said. nonmedical usage of narcotic drugs – – which include prescription painkillers such as for example Oxycontin and Vicodin – – fell from almost 9 % in 2006 to near 5 % in 2014, the report said. Hardly any college students make use of heroin, the experts noted, and usage of the drug in the last five years on campuses was lower than in the late 1990s and early 2000s.