Naveen Thacker.

Naveen Thacker, who serves on the Advisory Board Indian polio, the new bivalent vaccine, the impact on the number of cases: we have never been more optimistic about the new vaccine worked well so far as it is effective on both P1 and P3. Forms of oral polio vaccine , which help to keep only P1 lower were compared but were not very effective on P3, PTI / ZeeTV reports (29.

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Diet and exercise can stop type 2 diabetespublished diet and exercise can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in 14 years, according to an article in the Diabetes Special Issue of The Lancet medical journal.In addition, patients with DCVA are not dealt with recurrence of the tumor now around 2 years an average, as compared with a recurrent tumor in just 7 months by standard therapy present. Addition the patients have DCVA DCVA enter no toxic side effects, in sharp contrast to chemotherapy regimens.. In previous clinical trials by DCVA immune therapy to GBM brain tumors, the results were astounding: to patient, that DCVA got demonstrated a median survival times of 3 years, comparing with median survival of of only 14.6 months ago to standard therapy day .

The Company has now added in New York City and Los Angeles . In addition, the company is. About to be completed to 4 additional locations in New Jersey, Michigan, Texas and Washington As the result of the company anticipates a total of 10 study sites new registration into GBM brain cancer trial have the quarter. This is substantially exceeding of the enterprise projection with respect to the extension of the clinical trial in that quarter. With other clinical locations are in the third quarter in the third quarter this year, a Total 15 offices which. We are delighted that have such a strong interest and cooperation on clinical sites in the United States of America, and is pleased to have when completing in completing the protracted and complex institutional processes to the Centres operating for the registration an additional new in our current in our ongoing GBM brain cancer trial, said Dr.