Nurses and other licensed doctors.

Medpage Today: Medicare: Feds Charge 91 In Fraud Sweep In Dallas, 14 people – – including two doctors and two registered nurses – – were charged for their alleged involvement in $103.3 million in false billings. In one case involving a house healthcare company, Joseph Megwa, MD, signed roughly 33,000 prescriptions for a lot more than 2,000 beneficiaries from 2006 to 2011; many beneficiaries had principal care physicians who hardly ever certified home healthcare services for them. In Brooklyn, 15 people, including one doctor, were billed in various fraud schemes costing Medicare $23.In the reduced carb diet, the soreness the body feels from being deprived of its normal energy source results in the complications outlined above. The good thing is that carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms do not extend forever. As long as you are feeding the body with another power source the body will adjust and get back to normal. What replaces carbohydrates in the reduced carb diet for pounds loss? When people decrease carbohydrate intake in low carb diets, they replace these foods with fats and proteins. Following the withdrawal symptoms, the body adapts and begins using extra fat and proteins for energy. The idea behind the reduced carb diet plan is to force the physical body to use its stored fat for energy.