Of the Monell Center.

AChemS recognizes Monell Center molecular biologist mainly because outstanding junior scientist Molecular biologist Ichiro Matsumoto, Ph.D http://dmae.review/ ., of the Monell Center, is the recipient of the 2012 Ajinomoto Award for Young Investigators in Gustation, awarded yearly by the Association for Chemoreception Sciences to an outstanding junior scientist who’s an emerging innovator in neuro-scientific gustation. Matsumoto has produced significant contributions to the knowledge of the organization, relationships and connectivity of tastebuds across a number of vertebrate species. A recently available publication in Nature Neuroscience described an important advance in understanding the lineage and differentiation of taste cells. Other studies have examined flavor receptors, taste transduction, flavor coding, gustatory neural pathways, gene expression in central and peripheral chemosensory systems, and clinical taste dysfunction.

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