Organic Geochemistry.

These unicellular microorganisms play a role in the production of both methane and complex hydrocarbons, such as ethane and propane; phenomena about which little is known at the time. Hinrichs developed an innovative method for studying of organic molecules – known as biomarkers – in geological environmental samples, which he used to identify and quantify microbial processes contain. In other research Hinrichs has studied mass mortality phenomena, evolutionary niches and archaea, the research questions with implications about biogeochemistry in the fields of life, evolutionary biology and the study of the origins of the.. Prof. Hinrichs , Organic Geochemistry, University of BremenHinrichs brings geochemistry and microbiology in his research. Hinrichs is especially useful for understanding how specific microorganisms affect the carbon cycle interested world famousse processes afftect our planet.

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