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During the past, the emergency division at Stanford Hospital offers been evaluated by ACS reviewers only using the criteria for an adult trauma middle. This season marked the very first time the crisis department’s pediatric capabilities were evaluated individually. The emergency department didn’t meet the minimum volume of 200 pediatric trauma patients per year to be eligible for the level-1 pediatric designation, however the Stanford/Packard team anticipates that they will pass this threshold in the near future. The split pediatric designation is very good news for children who are injured, explained nurse Karla Earnest, RN, the pediatric trauma co-ordinator.Dosage escalation continues, and phase II studies in chronic, accelerated, and blast crisis CML are currently being initiated. According to Charles L. Sawyers, M.D., Professor of Medication at the UCLA School of Medicine, and business lead author of the scholarly study, ‘The results of the study provide compelling evidence supporting the protection and efficacy of treatment with BMS-354825 in patients whose chronic stage CML is usually resistant to standard treatment with imatinib. Extra data and continued individual follow-up, expected to strengthen these results, will available by the right period of the ASH annual conference.’.

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