Sangeeta Hingorani.

The hazard of the development of bacteremia with a gram-negative organism decreased by 39 percent, the hazard of invasive mold disease reduced by 51 percent, and the hazard of invasive candida illness decreased by 88 percent between the two intervals. The magnitude of the decreases in the hazards of these infections was related among sufferers who received myeloablative conditioning regimens . Acute GVHD The %ages of patients with mild, moderate, and severe acute GVHD decreased from the sooner period to the later period, with a 67 percent reduction in the chances of the advancement of grade three or four 4 GVHD .Some of these hits are malignancy initiators while others are promoters . Either real way, it is wise to prevent and/or counteract as many of these as possible: 1. Viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks 2. Nutritional deficiencies 3. EMF and radiation exposure from electronics and devices 4. Parasites 5. Herbicides and Pesticides 6. Consumption of synthetic ‘foods’ 7. Industrial toxins 8. Bathing or Consuming in polluted, chlorinated, or fluoridated drinking water 9.