Similar variations of the same gene.

A genetic analysis of a Turkish patient whose brain lacks the characteristic convolutions in part of his cerebral cortex revealed that the the deletion of two caused by the deletion of two genetic letters from 3 billion in the human genetic alphabet. Similar variations of the same gene, called laminin gamma3 , were discovered in two other patients with similar abnormalities. The The demonstration of the fundamental role of this gene in human brain development gives us one step closer to the mystery of the crown jewel of creation to solve, the cerebral cortex, Murat Gunel, senior author of the paper and the Nixdorff told German – Professor of Neurosurgery, co-director of the Neurogenetics program and professor of genetics and neurobiology at Yale..

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An analysis of the gene shows that it is during the embryonic period, critical to the formation of dendrites synapses, ors, or connections between brain cells form expressed. ‘Although the same gene is in lower organisms with smooth brains such as mice, somehow over time , it has to be new features that will is of fundamental importance for human occipital cortex formation and its mutation to loss of surface convolutions, a hallmark the human brain the human brain, ‘said Gunel..Notes:.The trial, Nutrient Quality of Fast Food Kids Meals has recently been the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published and is available online at.

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