Such as multiple sclerosis.

The team’s study also revealed that specific type of cell stress, called the unfolded protein response, may be caused by a historical virus that was introduced into the DNA of early human beings. This particular cell stress is found at high amounts in MS mind lesions. Most of us have this ancient virus in our DNA, but for some reason it really is excessively fired up in MS, says Power. We are doing more study investigating this link. .. Active ingredient in saffron displays promise against MS Medical scientists at the University of Alberta have discovered that an active component in the Persian spice saffron may be a potential treatment for diseases involving neuroinflammation, such as multiple sclerosis.Wessel, MD, has received the prestigious Meritorious Accomplishment Award from the American Heart Association Council on Cardiovascular Disease of the Young. The award is certainly a national career achievement award recognizing an individual who has made a substantial impact in the field of pediatric cardiovascular disease. It had been presented last night at the CVDY Annual Supper in LA. Dr. Wessel is Senior Vice President for the guts for Hospital-Based Specialties at Children's National and may be the Ikaria Distinguished Professor of Critical Care Medication. Dr. Wessel is table accredited in four areas: anesthesiology, pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, and pediatric critical care medicine. He helped define and make the field of pediatric cardiac intensive care and attention and has trained most of the leading practitioners in the field today.