Synaptic plasticity often affects the shape of the synaptic structures.

Because of a simple rounding up of spines Occasional enlarged and rounded spines were also seen in control slices. Micelock ofAMPAreceptors pCofilin reduced immunoreactivity. The authors estimate that the increase in spines with PAK / cofilin activation in accordance with the number of synapses, where long-term potentiation had occurred. Parkinson’s mice on treadmills Giselle M. Petzinger, Garnik Akopian, Elizabeth Hogg, Avery Abernathy, Pablo Arevalo, Patty Turnquist, Marta Vuckovic, Daniel and Michael W. Togasaki Jakowec.. Synaptic plasticity often affects the shape of the synaptic structures. This week, Chen et al. Take this issue to the level of individual dendritic spines by investigating actin network dynamics after theta burst stimulation .

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