The condition which appeared 90 days ago in pigs and hens later spread to humans causing high fever.

The worse affected area is apparently the province of Kasai Occidental and experts from the World Wellness Organization have already been sent to there to try to establish the cause of the illness. The epidemic provides affected the four villages of Kampungu, Makonono, Mombo and Kaluamba. A joint team comprising users from WHO, provincial and nationwide health ministries and the National Institute of Biological Analysis are collecting blood samples for tests at laboratories specialising in haemorrhagic fever. The WHO says the disease includes a high mortality children and rate are particularly vulnerable to the infection. It is believed general hygiene circumstances along with traditional rituals such as for example bathing dead bodies by hand have helped pass on the condition.White House drug advisor John Walters says that new analysis illustrates that marijuana use, especially through the teen years, can lead to depression, thoughts of suicide and schizophrenia.

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