The e TALC CD which is distributed for free health staff in 148 countries in the world.

– Professor David Morley CBE, founder of TALC, says: The latest version of e – TALC contains the latest medical information for health workers in the Third World, the information on the CD helps medical personnel, and the correct diagnosis. Give you the right treatment. .. For example,rts the 10th Issue e – TALC – A Medical Information CD for Developing World Health StaffInternational Development Charity Teaching-aids at low cost The 10th Issue of e – TALK has started CD.The e – TALC CD which is distributed for free health staff in 148 countries in the world, up-to-date information on various topics, including HIV / AIDS.

Although anemia is a common and often debilitating side effect of chemotherapy, it is often not recognized and under-treated often. About half of, about half of patients with a hemoglobin level less than the recommended target level of 11 to 12 g / dL in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for ‘Cancer and Treatment Anemia ‘dealt with never erythropoietin therapy.The intent of biomarker analysis was. Which of the blood-based test, VeriStrat for assess outcomes with erlotinib plus sorafenib combination treatment predict.

‘This is the most first study which demonstrate that time a biomarker , patients to identify erlotinib plus erlotinib plus sorafenib combination of,’said Egbert Smit, ‘That is exciting for lung cancer patients as the all – oral combination endurable than more tolerable than standard PCB – based regimens, similar efficacy of More research is necessary fully define fully define the role this biomarker and identify the specific groups of from patients who will benefit that this combination able ‘.