The minor relapses associated with social phobia.

About 50 % of respondents from anxiety disorders suffer from some form of relapse after treatment for alcohol dependence compared with only about 20 %, With social phobia – significant social anxiety and avoidance of social situations – at the beginning of alcoholism treatment was the best predictor of a return to drinking at treatment follow-up. With panic disorder – persistent panic attacks or episodes of intense anxiety and arousal – at the beginning of alcoholism treatment was the best predictor of a relapse into dependency in treatment follow-up.

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Kushner and his colleagues examined the diagnostic status and daily drinking patterns of 82 persons one week employed for treat alcoholism and again 120 days later .* Subbarao Myla, Medical Director at, Fountain Valley Heart and Vascular Center* Klaus Matthias, Clinical Center of the Near Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany* Jay Kumar, chairman of CardioMEMS Inc.* Michael Jaff.

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