The Patient Protection and Affordable Treatment Act.

HHS Secretary Sebelius mentioned that PPACA would reduce the federal government deficit, knowing the opposite to be true if these assumptions are unrealistic. AAPS asks the Court to enjoin the government from promulgating or enforcing insurance mandates and require HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Public Protection Commissioner Michael Astrue to supply the Courtroom with an accounting of Medicare and Social Security solvency. Congress regarded that PPACA cannot be funded without the insurance mandates, and can become unenforceable without them. Court action is necessary ‘to preserve specific liberty’ and ‘to prevent PPACA from bankrupting the United States generally and Medicare and Social Security specifically,’ AAPS stated.Stay home if you have the flu. You don’t want to move your germs to another person. Staying home is a superb excuse to curl up and watch your favorite movie, play video gaming, or read. Rest can help the body recover faster. You also can combat the flu on a daily basis by keeping your immune system strong. Some very nice immune boosters are getting enough sleep, eating well balanced meals , drinking a lot of liquids, and getting regular physical exercise. Don’t allow the flu wreck havoc on your fall and winter fun.