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The report recommends, that WFP continue its food program 24 to support the most vulnerable to October – the day of the end of the three-month emergency operation of the agency after the outbreak of war will mark the market in July. ‘WFP came to Lebanon at the invitation of of the Government,’said Milisic. ‘We have done our best the the Government and people of the country – and we have been successful even at the height of the fighting, we were operational, supplies get to these areas , we were able to access it now, the situation is stabilized and. Are are resuming their lives, it is for for us I must say that it is a very positive development for us to be able to close a food aid program and to leave ‘.

An important determining factor in the restoration of normality was the early return of the majority of the displaced.. The warning follows the death of 26 – year-old Michael Adamson, of Edinburgh, in August 2005, was electrocuted when he came into contact with a live conductor in a cable, on which he worked.

The report, compiled from the results of a two-week assessment mission in Lebanon at the end of August and early September, and be noted that some parts of the population still suffer the effects of war, affordable affordable prices and nutritional levels are good in the throughout the country.Prof. Compston is Professor of Neurology and Chief, Division of Clinical Neurosciences at University of Cambridge. Neurosciences. Received his doctorate in the year 1979 for work on the immunogenetics of MS and its later to the human on human and experimental demyelinating by a focus on genetic epidemiology have, applied neurobiology, therapy immunology and clinical neurosciences.

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