The study also showed that multifocal contact lens wearers can road signs were seen.

‘.. The study also showed that multifocal contact lens wearers can road signs were seen, but in a much shorter distance than wearing glasses, potentially the reaction time for a driver to make the necessary navigational decisions decreases required. ‘For patients and long distances and hours at night, practitioners should carefully consider the best form of correction of presbyopia for these patients,’said author Byoung Sun Chu, who, earlier of the School of Optometry Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

The research team conducted an experiment with 11 older adults between the ages 45-64 years whose only experience was correct with wearing lenses to problems with near vision reading glasses. The study participants drove on a closed cycle lane in the night and performance was measured for five areas: road sign recognition, road hazard recognition and avoidance, lane departure warning, near target recognition and distance to the standard street signs.Buy now Clauw and his team at the UM chronic pains and weariness Research Center, longer trials in activity, exercise and sorrow among people with all types chronic pain syndromes be aboard. You a registry of people who are ready participate in these studies, both to those with chronic conditions and such without would be launched. Visit for more information on the registration and current studies with UM, or call 866-288-0046.

The lead author to the paper were Willem J. Which Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. Other author was Ali A. From 296 to 303 the Uniformed Services University Angela Lyden, MS; Kirsten Ambrose, Microsoft, Richard H. Gracely, David A. Williams, all UM Chronic Pain and tiredness Research Center.

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