The UN studys bottom line contradicts their plans completely.

Agriculture cooperatives could end hunger while boosting socio-economic development in impoverished regions Monsanto and Cargill keep rolling on, leading a handful of other mega-corporations toward planetary farming and meals control that ensures our demise. Meanwhile, important research are overlooked by our corrupt governments who are influenced and infiltrated by those exact same companies heavily . A world-wide research was initiated by the United Nations a couple of years ago to research solutions for world food cravings as our population boosts. This contradicts the initiatives of certain elites who create humanitarian covers because of their agenda of radically decreasing the populace with unworkable and toxic large-scale agricultural programs.

In a landmark approval per month and half before schedule, the first targeted treatment for basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer, won approval today from the US Food and Drug Administration. In a 104-person stage 2 trial, Erivedge shrank tumors or healed noticeable lesions in 43 percent of the patients with locally advanced basal cell carcinoma and 30 percent of patients with metastatic types of the disease. However, not all trials of Hedgehog inhibitors have already been as successful. Photo courtesy of Claus Rebler via Wiki Creative Commons.