There are two main reasons for the recent loss of jobs

There are two main reasons for the recent loss of jobs. First, some have been necessary to balance the books in financially difficult times. Patient care is paramount and any changes that directly affect the patient be a last resort . Secondly, some trusts, as they patient patients by looking and make their services more efficient.

This may mean providing more care outside of hospitals in the community and thereby reduce the number beds and wards in hospitals themselves. Or with new and better technologies, in the UK better. Both have an effect on the number of employees, we. For patients who are treated in hospitals, reducing the number of days they spend on the ward is both good for them, because they are quicker to recover at home, but also means that bed, ward and staff numbers. introduction of digital x-ray systems, robotic pharmacists or applying lean manufacturing techniques to pathology services to save money and provide a more efficient service for patients. .

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