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‘The West Nile virus can cause a sickness with fever, but among older people particularly, people over the age of age 50, it can cause encephalitis and sometimes prolong systems after people recover then.’ The symptoms, he said, ‘look a bit like the flu. Most people who get badly infected don’t become ill. In the event that you become ill you have this small flu-like illness. But some individuals get the serious anxious system complications.’ Worst 12 months ever for West Nile in Texas; 43 lifeless CDC: More than 1,100 West Nile virus instances in U.S., about half in Texas Expert: West Nile’s fast start doesn’t ‘bode well’ CDC’s West Nile Virus page The source of contamination or Hanta virus, Dr.‘Still, the early data are interesting, and we’re cautiously optimistic,’ Martin, who co-wrote an editorial released with the review, told HealthDay. Until large clinical trials are finished in 2017, health experts won’t have definitive proof that the new drugs actually decrease the threat of heart attacks and death. Statins have always been the go-to treatment for reducing LDL cholesterol. Research have proven they can help prevent heart episodes, strokes and other cardiovascular complications. But for some social people, statins cause intolerable muscle mass pain. ‘Those individuals would be obvious applicants for PCSK9 inhibitors,’ Martin said. For others, statins just don’t do the job – – including people who have familial hypercholesterolemia, an inherited condition that causes very high LDL amounts and heart attacks young.